Whole30 Wrap Up

Day 28 thoughts:
Still two more days of this nonsense?
I'm surprised that I really kept up with my dishes during this whole thing.
I'm surprised that I didn't eat out once (so far).  And surprised that I have (for now) kicked the Caribou habit.
I'm surprised I had dinner most nights
This taught me to plan ahead for dinners.
I look at some of the stuff in the freezer I'd been taking for lunch and think "that was not enough meat, no wonder I was always so hungry".  Lesson learned: protein.
I have happy hour plans Tuesday and that will be the day I 'break the fast' so to speak.  But Monday I get my bacon back.

Day 29 Thoughts:
Still making the chia seed pudding. I guess I should hard boil some eggs too, so I can keep this up for a while.
Seriously, I'm so glad I left that facebook group.  That was not helpful.
Just had to look at the drink menu and fine a 'gluten free' alcohol drink that I could try for Happy Hour on Tuesday.  I'm not even going to bother with food there.  Holy cow.

Day 30 Thoughts:
My Pooky Bear went to some extra effort to include Qat Lady and I in her Easter Dinner which was really gool.
In general, it's been touching to have a few different friends try to cook for me while I'm on this wacky plan.

Day 31:
You know the first thing I did was get out my bacon.
The second thing I did was get on the scale.  I'm down about 10lbs.  I want to see if I can keep the scale going down into the Flying Pig. 

Short term goals:
No bread, crackers, or noodles in the house until after Flying Pig.
No alcohol consumed at home until at least after the beach.  (Family vacation.)
Stay away from Caribou?  I can't believe I'm saying that because for like the first 3 weeks, dairy testing day was going to be Caribou, and then strawberry milkshakes.
Keep eating Larabars on runs.
Keep doing my dishes regularly.  It sounds ridiculous but this was a really big deal.
Do test Keffir and add that back into the rotation.
Do test legumes and add that back into the rotation.
Have a vegetarian meal every once in a while.

Long term goals:
No bread, crackers, or noodles in the house until after the 10 Miler.  I'm trying to see this way of eating as part of my training cycle.
No alcohol consumed in the house until after the 10 Miler?  It helps that I have my short term no alcohol goal set to way after the Flying Pig is over.
No lattes from Caribou until after the 10 Miler?  If that happens it would be a miracle.

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