Whole30 Day 5

Pre workout and post workout meals: Well, this is the confusing part.  I had two different workouts, one after lunch and a second almost workout after dinner.  Stay with me here...

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with tons of fruit on top.  Still an excellent choice.

Lunch: Similar to yesterday.  Chicken, two apples, cut up veggies, and a few raisins. 

Dinner: A sort of Spanish omelette of eggs, zucchini, potatoes, and smoked fish.

Snacks: After the run and weight lifting, I had a Larabar.  After Zumba and shopping, I had a bowl of blueberries, black berries and a few hazelnuts.

Exercise: In the afternoon, I had a 3 mile run and then lifted weights.  This makes up for yesterday's lack of doing anything.  After dinner, I went to Zumba but I only stayed about 20 minutes.  Pro tip: Zumba after weight lifting is not a good workout plan.

Shopping: I finally made it to Costco.  I couldn't handle the 15lb bag of potatoes but I found a 10lb bag of red potatoes that I could get behind.  Tons of berries.  And fizzy water.  I also bought ground beef and I am going to practice making hamburgers.

Cooking: Nothing other than dinner.  I didn't even make chia seed pudding for the morning because I have dreams of cooking eggs.

I'm significantly less hungry than I'd imagined I'd be.
I'm realizing how many of my activities were around getting a snack or a meal at the end.  Like, I'll run to the gym, work out and then have a latte.  Or I'll work out with so and so and then grab dinner.
It's been amazing to hear other people's reactions to this Whole30 thing, particularly the messages people give themselves.  Like "I could never give that up..." or "I could never live without cheese" etc.
Also, I feel significantly better than yesterday.  

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