Whole30 Day 18

Pre workout and post workout meals:Pre-workout I had a hard boiled egg.  Nothing post workout.  Because I hate food.

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with lots of fruit, hard boiled egg, couple pieces of smoked fish.

Lunch: Like last week, chicken, cut up veggies, two plums. 

Supper: Salad of shrimp, prosciutto, pancetta, mango, and avocado.  I wanted to eat all of the prosciutto straight out of the container, but I held myself back.

Snacks: None. 

Exercise: Run 4.3 miles, lift weights.

Shopping: None

Cooking: What's mentioned above and chia seed pudding for breakfast tomorrow.

Thoughts: I hate eggs.  I hate meat.  I want something different.
I want salt. I really just want bacon. Is that odd?
I am digging on the smoked fish though.  That was a good choice. 

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