Whole30 Day 12

Pre workout and post workout meals: I was hungry around 5pm, so I had seaweed, a hard boiled egg and a banana.  This is technically pre-Zumba so it counts as a pre-workout meal.

Breakfast:Eggs, sweet potatoes and the last of that lousy paleo bacon.  That was not my thing.  Coffee with coconut milk.

Lunch: Chicken, veggies and apples.  This was not a big enough lunch.  I should've had some nuts or a hard boiled egg too.

Supper: Kale with pancetta, side of potatoes.

Snacks: Just the pre-Zumba snack

Exercise: Morning run, evening Zumba with friends.

Shopping: None

Cooking: Chia seed pudding for tomorrow, nothing else.

Thoughts: Coffee with coconut milk is totally legit.
I have several friends on 'diets' right now.  Qat Lady and another person are doing Whole30.  Another friend is doing a cleanse.  And Olive is a Whole30 survivor who I think has kept up most of the habits well.
I joined the "Whole 30 - this is my first time" group (unrelated, the cursor stopped showing up on Blogger for no reason, I am very confused).  The comments section on this group is EVERYTHING.  I mean, don't read it and take anything anyone says seriously.  But the discussions are hilarious.  Where is my cursor?!?!

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