Whole30 Day 10

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing pre-run.  Post-run meal got mixed in with breakfast.

Breakfast: Half a piece of fish that was left over from Friday, full mango, banana, hard boiled egg

Lunch: 'Spanish omlette' of pancetta, zuccini, left over hash browns and 4 eggs.  Because I was told I could have as many eggs as could fit in my hand.

Supper: Mangoes, fried plantains and shrimp breaded in almond meal.  Apparently I'm loving the tropical fruits right now.

Snacks: None really.

Exercise: 4.15 miles, nice and easy run.

Shopping: Target for dish soap and a new scrubbie (because I now do all of the dishes), and Lakewinds to see if they had different bacon options.

Cooking: Pressure Cooker Carnitas. Chicken thighs in coconut milk and mustard.  Chia seed pudding for breakfast tomorrow.  Cut up veggies for lunches for the whole week.  Hard boiled eggs.  Almond milk.  Let's talk dishes for a minute...

Thoughts: I am craving Ice Cream.  I'm sure being on my period is not helping.  Driving by the now open Dairy Queen also didn't do much to ease the situation.
I am eternally thankful for my InstantPot.  Because so many of my meals have been cooked in it for this adventure.
I can't imagine doing whole30 if you didn't look to cook.  Or eat left overs. 
What I'm re-learning about myself if I love big lunches and small suppers.
Also, I'm loving the cooking oils/fats I've been using on this diet.  I should've been using ghee a long time ago. 

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