Whole30 Day 1

Breakfast: Pre-workout I had a banana and an apple.  For real breakfast I had Potatoes, pancetta, eggs.

Lunch: Chia seed pudding with berries, bananas, and hazelnuts

Snacks: Carrots and Almonds with Olive during a movie.

Dinner: Shrimp and avocados over spinach with homemade dressing.

Shopping: I spent a lot of money at the co-op and somehow left without my steak.  Pisser.
I did get Larabars for long runs.  Do I bring one?  Two?  How many?
Update: Found the steak.
I almost got to keep eating Beeler's bacon, but they list sugar as an ingredient.  Sigh.

Thoughts: There are a lot of food commercials on TV and on the internet.
My biggest fear is getting behind on the dishes.
I have no lunch plans for the week.  I should get on that.
Carbs!  What will I do for carbs.
I keep trying to clean up my kitchen, but cleaning up one thing just moves the mess somewhere else.  (This is a bigger re-organization, because I didn't like the way I was using some of the space.) Maybe by the time this is done my kitchen will be organized too. 

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