Whole 30 Day 16

Pre workout and post workout meals: I had a hard boiled egg before my run.

Breakfast: Mix of sausage and pancetta, avocado, potatoes and two eggs over it all

Lunch: Left over fish (yes, I am a person who eats left over fish now) and sweet potatoes.

Supper: Steak, fried plantains, and mango salsa.  It was very poor presentation but tasted awesome.

Snacks: None really.

Exercise: Morning run, 6.25 miles.  In the evening I tried to have TRX/Kettlebell class but the teacher was sick so I did my own 30 mins kettlebell workout.

Shopping: I stopped at the co-op because I wanted more mangoes for mango salsa.  Apparently I'm in a mango mood.

Cooking: Only what's above.

Thoughts: I never wanted a diet pepsi this whole time, until last night Olive asked me how I was doing without it.  And now I'm having dreams of diet pop.  Sigh.

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