Long Run Sunday: Before the Snow

Plan: Wake up early and run before it rains.  Keep the heart rate low.  This is a rare Sunday long run, because tomorrow it will be raining and snowing all of the day. Sadly I'm serious.  Normally now I've been lifting on Sunday, at a class.  We'll see if I make it today.
Route: Several lakes, the creek, and the Greenway.  I've done this run once before when I needed some extra distance. There were spots that were very lonely and some that were very very busy.  I think all of the training groups in the world were on the Greenway.  I'm guessing many of them were getting ready for Grandmas.
Weather: In the 50s and very humid, not much wind to speak of.  Sunset was pretty.  After that it was mostly cloudy, except a about 10 minutes when the sun poked through.  
Wardrobe: Shorts, tank, and the visor.  I also tested out the injinis in the Pink Altras.
Execution: This run went really really well. Apparently the Whole30 thing can do this for running.  I talked to someone yesterday who had a similar experience when she did Whole30 the first time. I tried to keep the heart rate low, but it crept up by the end.  I'm still really proud of this run.

Nutrition: 2 hard boiled eggs pre-run.  Larabar during the run.  I carried two bottles with me, and mostly finished off one during the run.
Bonus: True story about the Larabars.  The first one I tried was the Cashew Cookie flavor. They were okay and I proceeded with the running.  I tried a Coconut Cream Pie bar yesterday.  They are everything. And then I decided I'd keep eating the Cashew Cookie on runs and save the good bars for other times. 

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