work perspective

We talk in work sometimes about how working in this field changes your perspective on... everything.

Case and point: I'm watching this wonderful episode of Fixer Upper.  It's a renovation of the home of a former service member and his spouse.  The show indicates that they are now retired and one or both people are poor health.  I think the show should've made a bigger deal of widening the doorways, and the ADA bathroom. That would've been good for people to see and understand.

Instead, what can I see?
  • Steps on the front porch?  Build a ramp.  (In fairness, this is a ramp out the back.)
  • Putting laundry in the garage?  Do they have to go down even one step to get to the machine?  Because that would be silly.  (The show didn't address this either way, but it was the first thought I had.)
  • A leather recliner?  No!!!  People slide out of those and wind up on the ground.  It happens more than you'd think.
This is how I see the world now.  Barriers to access and fall risks.

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