Whole30 Day 9

Pre workout and post workout meals: I had a hard boiled egg before going to the gym. After the gym I had a 'smoothie' of cashew milk, banana, almond butter, and a bit of coconut milk.
Breakfast: Potatoes, pancetta, eggs and avocado in a hash.  Before I lounged on the couch all day.

Lunch: Grapefruit, mango.  And a 'salad' of smoked fish, avocado, capers and onions. It was actually really good.

Supper: Hash browns, burger with avocado on top, green beans.

Snacks: Only the pre/post workout food

Exercise: Run 3.25 miles and I did not feel good, walk .5 miles on the track with a friend, and then TRX/Kettlebell class.

Shopping: None

Cooking: Only what's mentioned above.

Thoughts: I think the grainless breakfast porridge is not so good for the digestion.  When I've had it, I've had, um, emergencies on both runs the day after.  Honestly, I'm having other biological factors right now that could also be impacting my digestion, so I may give it one more try at a different time of the month.
I came out to Mom about Whole30.  She was less judgey than I expected.
Unrelated to Whole30, I'm re-watching Orphan Black.  I am Cosima if you're interested.

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