Whole30 Day 7

Pre workout and post workout meals: None.

Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with almond milk (it was actually just as good as cashew milk) and berries.  I should've had a banana with this one.

Lunch: Not like yesterday, I had a chicken leg, left over hash browns from last night, cut up veggies, cauliflower salad and an apple or two.

Dinner: Tilapia with mango salsa, kale, and sweet potatoes. Two friends came over for supper.

Snacks: I had a hard boiled egg in the morning, when I was missing that banana with breakfast, and I had nuts and berries in the afternoon because dinner was really late.

Exercise: 1 mile run outside.  It's a short workout.  No snacks or pre/post meals required.

Shopping: The co op for fish for tonight's meal.

Cooking: Only the meals mentioned above.

Thoughts: 1 week down.  I feel like I should celebrate.
Planning is the key to EVERYTHING.
This program seems like it's geared for people who like to cook; people who are willing to cook ahead; and people who don't mind eating leftovers.
I mentioned I realized how much I'd been snacking.  Now I'm realizing how much other people do it to.  One of the people who came over tonight brought her own additional food (which is just a weird thing she's always done) and had a cup of yogurt at 9pm.  There's probably a time I would've snacked that late, but it didn't seem appealing to me at all tonight.

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