Whole30 Day 6

Pre workout and post workout meals: Roasted seaweed pre-workout, and hazelnuts and a bowl of berries post workout.
Breakfast: Hash with eggs, potatoes, and maybe piece of avocado.  I was at home for breakfast so I made the most of it.
Lunch: Same as yesterday, chicken, applies, veggies.
Dinner: I made my first hamburger at home.  Ever!  I had a piece of avocado and smoked fish on top.  I also made myself way too many hash browns and the biggest salad ever (which I did not finish)
Snacks: Just the pre/post workout food.
Exercise: After work, I ran and then lifted weights.  I cut my run down from a tempo to an 'easy' run and cut the mileage for 6 to 4.  Because Whole30 is basically going okay, but let's not go nuts yet.
Shopping: None.  I'm amazed to say.
Cooking: More cashew milk, and hard boiled eggs.  Can you believe I made it 6 days with no hard boiled eggs?
Thoughts: Chia seed pudding is really good with Cashew milk.  I had one last serving of almond milk in my fridge, so tomorrow I'm trying Chia seed pudding sans cocoa powder with almond milk.
This was my first night actually not finishing dinner.  Hello stomach!  Thanks for letting me know what "full" feels like.  Hello brain!  Thanks for reminding me I can actually stop!

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