Whole30 Day 28

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with lots of fruit. 
Lunch: Chicken, sweet potato, pea pods.  This was not enough food.
Supper: Hamburger with a fried egg on top, pancetta, and hashbrowns.
Snacks: In the morning driving from far away back to town couple pieces of smoked fish. In the afternoon after my too small lunch, bowl of berries and macadamia nuts.
Exercise: 1.21 miles run
Shopping: I went to Costco.  Because I am a heathen, I forgot it's Good Friday.  And all of the people were Easter shopping.  On the plus side, I found a new back way home from Costco.  The normal expressway route is going to be under massive construction this summer.
Cooking:  Only the above unless I get off my butt and make hard boiled eggs.
Thoughts: I'm sad I didn't start eating macadamia nuts sooner because they were good.
Actually kind of excited to have Cashew butter again.  (The cashews are fine, but they were cooked in peanut oil, so they were prohibited.)

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