Whole30 Day 27

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing pre, post run I had a Larabar

Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes, pancetta

Lunch: Roll ups of avocado, turkey, proscuitto

Supper: Scrambled eggs, pancetta, sweet potato.  This was a small meal.

Snacks: None

Exercise: Ran 7.6 miles around Medicine Lake.  Lift weights

Shopping: None

Cooking: There is left over sweet potato that I did not eat.

Thoughts: While running, I did not poop my pants, but that was a miracle. This makes two runs this week where I've had digestive distress.  I have no idea what my problem was today.  Best guess is it involves the mango I had for dinner last night.
3 more days of no gum.
My dream now is to sit and watch Boston Marathon eating bacon and eggs.  Real bacon, not this paleo bull shit. 

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