Whole30 Day 23

Pre workout and post workout meals:Pre workout I had 2 hard boiled eggs, Larabar during the workout, and post workout was breakfast.
Breakfast: Mango, plantains, avocado with shrimp.  It was 11am.  It's like brunch.
Lunch: Mushrooms and pea pods sauteed with chicken chorizo sausage (meh)
Supper: Hamburger with pancetta, avocado and fried egg.  Potatoes on the side.
Snacks: Smoothie of banana, homemade almond milk, strawberries and blackberries.  And prosciutto afterwards.  Because I eat that like it's candy now.
Exercise: 14 mile run in the morning. 
Shopping: None
Cooking: Only above
Thoughts:Are we there yet?

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