Whole30 Day 21

Pre workout and post workout meals: None

Breakfast: Eggs, a bit of sausage and small amount of pork belly, sweet potatoes

Lunch: Roll of turkey, prosciutto and avocado, pea pods, apples.

Supper: Olive cooked me an awesome meal of pork steak, brussel sprouts and baked apple

Snacks: Banana/cashew/cashew milk smoothie in the afternoon because lunch was not enough

Exercise: Short run in the morning, bonus walk in the evening with Olive

Shopping: None

Cooking: Only what's above

Thoughts: The lunch roll ups were awesome, but I needed one or two more becuase I was hungry this afternoon.
I loved having someone else cook me dinner.
More than a week to go, but not much more than a week!
Lentils!  I miss lentils.  Because sometime I want to have a meal with no meat.
Olive said "why test it if you won't eat it anyway?" And that's how I feel about soy.  I'll eat soy, but it was never a massive part of my diet.  So, meh.

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