Whole30 Day 2

Breakfast: I tried the grain free breakfast porridge.  I did not have vanilla.  I did not use flax seeds, because no.   For nuts I used hazelnut and pecan and ground them up with the immersion blender.  I put blueberries on top.  It was yummy.

Lunch: Eggs, bacon and a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Dinner: Chicken legs cooked in the slow cooker and spinach salad.

Snacks: Today I learned that as an endurance athlete I should be having 'fourth meal' so I had breakfast porridge again.  It's late though so I don't want it all.  But I hate to was food.  I am so confused.
Update: I put the rest of it in the fridge.  I'm naming it an experiment to see if it keeps overnight and works well on day 2. 

Exercise: Late morning, I did a 6.5 mile hill run.  At 5pm I did TRX/Kettlebell class.

Shopping: None today.

Thoughts: I think my biggest fear is being hungry.  Also, I really need to start planning ahead better. OMG.  All the blogs I read talk about food too.

Cooking: Other than above, I made some breakfast porridge packs for the next few days.  Almond butter, to finish off a bag of almonds I had.  And set some cashews to soak so I can try cashew milk.
Update: Cashews only take 2 hours to soak so cashew milk is made.  It may be my favorite to make because no straining.

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