Whole 30 - PreThoughts

So, it's now Tuesday.  I've sort of committed to starting Whole 30 on Saturday.  We'll see if this works.  Below are some rambling thoughts I've had so far.

Gum!  Freaking gum isn't allowed.  I didn't know that 'till today, and honestly that may be more of a problem than the lattes or the alcohol.

Speaking of Lattes, holy crap do I think that will be hard to go without.

Breakfast - what am I going to do?  The Whole30 breakfast porridge actually looks pretty good so I want to give that a try.  Eggs and potatoes are my backup plan.

That makes me think of bacon.  And sulfites.  I think I can't have most of what's frozen right now.  But what about the pancetta I just bought.

OMG people.  The pancetta I have is nitrate free.  Breakfast is saved.

Alcohol - I'm going to be honest.  I think this one will be really hard.  But I'm sort of looking forward to it too.  It will be good to have some kind of limit and moderation on this at home.

Friends - I am planning on having friends over to eat a lot so I don't get lonely while I can't go out. Sigh  It's possible the Qat Lady is going to do this at the same time, but I'm not sure.

Canola Oil - praise heaven this is 'allowed' because that seaweed I buy from Costco is cooked in Canola oil.  That seaweed is one of my go to 'emergency snacks'

Long run food - will be Larabars.  I'll have to scope out which ones are allowed and pick out some nice ones.

Food adventures - I kind of want to turn this into a food adventure and try some of the new things that are allowed.  I'm thinking of this Oyster Salad either with no crackers or with Almond flour as a substitute.  What other food adventures could I have?

Gut - I'm actually kind of worried about all the ruffage and veggies, um, upsetting my stomach.  I had a rough run today and it gave me lots of time to think.  Sigh

Friday update: I have cleaned out the 'prohibited food' in my freezer, fridge, and cabinets.  There is some not allowed food that I am keeping, like my muesli.  And Vodka.  So I put that in my reusable shopping bags and tied them shut. In the freezer, I covered every not allowed thing that I'm keeping (tomato lentil soup, beef with veggies and brown rice, bacon) with a piece of white freezer paper.

I'm still going "what was I thinking?!?!?" but also sort of excited.  I've also found some other people who've done this already and found it useful in different ways, so it's already helped me connect to friends in some unexpected ways.

I'm dreaming of having all of these publish after the whole 30 is over, so I'm setting this for April 17. Fingers crossed! 

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