Whole 30 Day 4

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Chia seed pudding with lots of fruit.  That was a surprising win.
Lunch: Mustard coconut milk chicken breast pieces, red bell pepper, roasted seaweed, hazelnuts and raisins.  I was feeling hanger before I ate, but lunch really filled me up.
Dinner: A bed of pan fried green beans, steak stir fry, and two fried eggs over it all.  Because I will put fried eggs on almost any form of beef.
Snacks: None yet, but we'll see if dinner has me filled up or if I need raisins or a banana.
Exercise: Ran 1.23 miles outside.
Shopping: Co-op, bought fruits and veggies for the rest of the week.
Cooking: Besides above, I made chia seed pudding ahead for tomorrow.  Nothing else.
Thoughts: My body is confused.  I didn't sleep well last night and my throat is kind of dry.  But my heart rates while running have been normal.  So maybe it's just that I did a long run in the cold? My body is sore from the long run so I skipped speed and weight lifting.  Or perhaps just moved it to tomorrow?
Also, I think I need to be more honest with myself about how regularly I can eat while at work. I had breakfast during my meeting, and then didn't have lunch 'till almost 1pm and I was pretty hungry.  Maybe I need a bigger breakfast.  Maybe a hard boiled egg too?  (Maybe I will wind up doing some cooking.) 

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