Sunday Long Run: That was not the mileage I had planned

Plan: Nice and easy, enjoy the run.

Route: Along the creek, around Lake Harriet and back along 40th street.  So I'd run this before and imagined it was a 9.85 mile route.  Turns out it's an 8.85 mile route, so I did some running around the block at the end, to get to the mileage I wanted.

Weather: Started in the low 50s and warmed up a bit as I was running.  Light winds out of the north.  It was a gorgeous day.  I actually picked this route becuase I thought it would help me enjoy the weather the most.

Wardrobe: Shorts, shirt, sunglasses. Pink Altras.  I should've worn a tank instead of a shirt, it was that warm.

Execution: I was a little blah the first couple of miles, because of some non-running related reasons.  But mostly I kept this light and easy and had a blast.  Running around the block at the end was a little ridiculous but that was also my fault for not reading numbers right.
Nutrition: I carried water but only had a couple of sips.  I had a bite of my Larabar almost every mile.

Bonus: Did I mention it's time to taper?

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