Long Run Monday - Elm Creek Park

Plan: Keep my heart rate low, but don't use the program/alarm on my watch.  Because if my heart rate does go too high, I will be miserable.  The plan was amended to run a fast final mile.  This run was on a paved trail and it also counts as my hill day this week. Because hills!

Route: The Elm Creek Outdoor Adventure Loop, which is apparently my name for it now.  It's a lollipop route.  The out is 4 miles, the candy section is just over 4 miles, and the back is 4 miles again. 

Weather: In the high 40s, super humid and light wind.  This is my most favorite running weather ever.  Though the pictures look a little dreary.

Wardrobe: Shorts, a shirt, visor, and Green Silence on my feet. 

Execution: This run went really well.  My heart rate stayed low.  Some of the hills were hard, but not as brutal as I expected.  Towards the end, I really wanted to be done, so I decided I'd do a fast final mile.  I wanted it in the 12s, and got it down to 12:04.  This goes down as a win.

Nutrition: This was another big win compared to my last long run. I had 2 hard boiled eggs about 45 minutes before the run.  Once I got going, I took a bite of my Larabar every mile.  In the first couple miles I was a little 'bleh!' to eat food, but by the end I was really glad I'd fueled consistently.  I had two bottles of water but only drank one during the run.  You know I downed the other one the second I got done.

Bonus: My post-run nutrition was on point too.  I had a roll up of turkey and prosciutto and then some apples.

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