Long Run Monday: Along the River

Plan: Longest run of the training cycle.  Keep it nice and easy.  Enjoy the scenery.  Be back in time to watch Boston.
Route: This is a new route for me.  I headed up the Hiawatha Bike Trail into downtown, then south along the river, back west along the creek, by Lake Hiawatha and then home.  There were a lot of streets to cross in the first five miles (I'm so spoiled by the Lakes).  I even got stopped by a train (light rail). 
 Weather: Low 40s, not much humidity, winds around 10mph out of the N or NW.   All I could think was "Here I am on the Hiawatha Bike Trail with the wind blowing straight in my face.  Again."  But it was nice to have wind at my back for some of the later miles.
Wardrobe: shorts, shirt, compression socks, visor, Pink Altras.  I also wore my reflective arm sleeves.  (It was dark when I left so I needed some reflection but I didn't want a vest for the whole run.)  I wound up being glad I had my sleeves because it was cool and windy.  I kept them on all the way through downtown.
Execution: This was a great run.  I kept my heart rate low until the end when I stopped caring. The miles just ticked away.  The mighty hill up to Franklin was hard but not impossible.  Overall, I had a blast.
Nutrition: I had two hard boiled eggs before the run.  I'm thinking this is also what I'll do on race day since it's how I've been training.  But it's far fewer pre-run calories than I've done in years past.  During the run, I had a bite of my Larabar every mile, and a sip of water whenever I wanted. 
Bonus: I got up to do this run at the crack of dawn so I could be home in time to see Boston Marathon.  Desi is off the pack, but Jordan is still with the main ladies. Update: Jordan finished 3rd and Desi somehow came back and finished fourth.  I love Boston.
Second bonus: This is how Garmin draws the elevation changes compared to Strava.  That hill felt a little more like the way Strava drew it.

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