Pictures from Vacation

I feel like some of my blog entries need an explanation, specifically, Drink and blog part 1 and the follow up: even more alcohol than the first time. Every time I read those, they get more hysterical. It's a good thing I have this blog because option B was drink and dial, and I know you're all thrilled to be spared.

Setting the scene: Let's be clear. I left a fairly crappy situation in Minnesota to go on vacation. (Here's the photo evidence.) Amanda came over to help me pack and helped me pack before I left. Then she agreed to provide shelter for the night since I had to pack all my bedding for the treatment. She was really sweet and got indignant for me about all the work I had to do. (It was a nice reaction. I just didn't have the energy for it by that time, so I was grateful to have the support.)

When I got to Florida I nearly died and spent some quality time on the couch recuperating. Once I felt better, it was my job to de-gecko the lanai. I was the only one who wasn't afraid of them. Did you know they can jump? This one was kind of cute and quite photogenic.

So by the time the next few days rolled around, I was ready for a whole lot of sun shine and doing nothing. Mercifully my wish was granted and included a swimming pool and a sweet place to run. So, I spent a lot of time around the pool with my family.

The alcohol consumption: I'd like to thank my aunties for finding $125 in change at someone's house to finance all this wine. My favorite was the Mescato selection. (Did you know they sell wine at Target in some places?) I bought 3 bottles of wine to restock just before I left. (Did you know that Target will also wrap the wine bottles in newsprint so they don't clank in the bag? Classy.)

The end result: Well, obviously I had my camera with me by the pool (next to the alcohol), but I was threatened within an inch of my life by several individuals if any of the evidence ever wound up on Zoogle or the loob toob, and obviously I had too good a time to ever mess up my chances for next year by posting pictures.


While I was on vacation, I took a bunch of pictures of my feet wherever I was. Apparently, one of my relatives (who shall remain nameless for now) thought this was an ill advised use of my time. I tried to assure this person that this is a creative thing and can produce some interesting results and that I'd been doing it for some time. I think my family was not convinced. Nonetheless, I really have taken a bunch of pictures, and now seemed like a great time to look back at them. (Plus, those of us in Minnesota don't have to look at Florida pictures while we're in a snow emergency.)

From my kitchen: (Look, the floor wasn't even done yet.)

From Chicago, the Art Museum I believe:

From the State Fair:

From Africa:

From my most recent vacation (documented here, here and here among others):


Congratulations, you've just run... your longest ever

No, I really did today. I don't even need to connect my iPod to the Nike+ website to know this for sure.

Today I ran 95 or so minutes, which is at least eight miles. Although I was on quite a runner's high for a while, so I'm hopeful I went even farther than that. Then, seriously about about minute 97, I saw my two aunties starting out on their morning walk. So I joined them for a three mile walk. Towards then end of it I had to ask them to slow down. I was seriously tired.

I skipped breakfast in favor of water and a shower. Then we went out for a late lunch at a place called Red Robin where I had a bacon cheeseburger and yummy french fries.

We went shoppign at an outlet mall in the afternoon. I was denied my Starbucks on several occaisions (and wound up with some nasty Chinese and weird tasting Diet Pepsi instead). But I did buy some cute work clothes and some other items I needed pretty badly.

We're all hanging out for the evening. Aunt Joanie had to go to Tampa to collect Uncle Joe from the airport. I'm sitting here burning CDs for my aunties and typing in my blog. Actually, I'm so tired it's quite qelcome to have a relaxing night.


There was no dringiing today...

There was also no running. Try to guess why. That last post is even more hilarious when I see all the typos.

Today we walked the dog and then took a long walk ourselves. After that we went shopping and then out to dinner. Tonight I was techno girl. My aunties all wanted copies of the others iTunes libraries and I'm the only one who knows how to get around the DRM. I just want to tale a moment and put in a plug for Skreemr which is a great free mp3 search engine. And then I dont have to deal with stupid DRM. Plus it's free

Tomorrow ok hoping to take another nice long run. We'll see what else happens
After that.


seriously, still drunk

Now the unties have created a site called Zoogle and loob tube. I'm way too drunk to post videos right now. But it's freaking hilarious.

I've only had 3 glasses of wine but like nothing to eat today. Did I mention I ran 8 miles today? Did I also mention I haven't eaten today? that ould be why 3 glasses of wine made me totally freaking stupid. Are we not impressed that I'm typing in html code while this buzzed? thtmeans I've really learned it right?

for some reason, I remember trying to have a conversation with Kelly last night while equally buzzed. What did I say?

My aunts think I'm putting them on youtube right now and they're threatening me with alligators... sleeping with alligators... are there snakes? It's ok. I'm the only one who can work the pool heat pump. They can't toss me out. They're not done with me yet. Plus I have another aunt and uncle down here who love me.

I think they're already on facebook. Maybe I shouldn't write too much more. (Shit, I can't spell that word, I tried a few different variations until I got the wrote homnyogram "right" "write" "rite")

Oooh, now they've forgotten about me. Maybe I am sober enough to post this to youtube.... No, the camera cord is tooo far way. Although, they do seem pretty drunk. They're threatning me now...

Oh, god, blogging while drunk is freaking awesome...

God, I just want you to know, first of all, when I hear you speak it's with Ed Asner's voice, I hope that's ok, but I think it is, that when I was laying on the couch dying on Sunday, I felt myself getting better and there was this tinglling, buzzing sensation. And I think people get drunk because being buzzed is quite a similar senation. Although it's not quite the same. I can feel you more when I'm buzzing and sober. Sorry, I'll try to remember that more. But this feels really good too. I haven't heard people laugh this much in quite a while. Thanks for letting me have this too.

Still enjoying the sunshine

Hey everyone. I'm still down here soaking up the Florida sun. I actually ran about eight miles this morning, which is what I was supposed to have run on Sunday when I was laying on the couch dying. It's really beautiful down here. My aunt and uncle have a place in a private resort community. I've decided it's how I'd like to spend my retirement. It's how Id like to spend all my winters even before I retire really. Well have to see if I can find a way to manage that.
I think this afternoon is happy hour at the beach club. Look at this time about three years ago on my blogv
to see why that's dangerous. Tomorrow is shopping. I'm rooting for Chipotle to cross my trail some time today too.


Yet another edition of blogging while drunk

So, my aunties are crazy. They're all watching American Idol, a show to which I haven't yet become addicted.

I think the dog just farted. It wasn't me and it smells strong. No one else is in the room. Maybe it was the alligators.

Anyways, they were all drinking wine. A lot of wine. And they kept pouring more in my glass. We were playing this game called ImaginIff which is always more fun with family or people you know really well.

For some reason I walked the dog in the dark without shoes. We didn't go too far. But I wouldn't pick up the poop. Uncle Joanie (wow! really drunk), Aunt Joanie said she'd get it tomorrow.

This is waaaay better than drunk dialing because now everyone gets to share. I love vacation.


Blogger needs a mobile page because I can't type anything in the text box. Sorry.

Oh. Apparently I can in the HTML view. Florida is great so far. Besides almost dying yesterday I mean. Tonight I learned about skype and decided it's definitely something I need to learnore about. If only so I can talk with my family more.y technical expertise is also coming handy. I taught my aunt about facebook while talking with an old friend from high school. And I'm trying to solve an iPod mystery. Maybe someone who ears this will know. My cousins have all bought their
Moms iPods and preloaded them with music and videos. But in doing so, the iPods are now all registered toy cousins and the aunties can't even change the playlists. Is it possible to keep all the content on the iPod but change who it's registered under? (Eric, do you still read because you would know this. )

Liz is running in the sun...

Yesterday, my first day in Florida, was a rough one. I got really sick thanks to an *ahem* female concern. I felt better later in the day and enjoyed the evening with my aunties.

This morning I woke up early and ran. Owing to feeling crappy yesterday, I thought I'd only run 30 minutes but I did manage to run all four miles that I'm supposed to run tomorrow. I'm catching up since I didn't run that much last week.

Florida is great. Hope Minnesota is nice too.


What's up with the bed bugs?

Sucks dude.

They're not back. How do I know that? Because I had to pack up almost my whole condo anyways. And I didn't see any. This time wasn't quite as bad because I didn't have to unpack the entertainment center. But everything else got packed up. In plastic bags. Amanda earned her friend points and stopped my OCD from being so bad all at once.

It is really hard to have other people touching your stuff. Even when they're your best friend.

Here's what's going on:

There are live bed bugs in the condo building, although for the moment they are politely remaining out of my unit. That said, the entire building must now be treated. Three times. And then we have monthly inspections for another 9 months to check for bugs. So we have to pray that all 18 of us who live here can get our acts together to get this done. Three times.

All my clothes have to be kept in sealed bags until they're done spraying. Not just this time. Until they're done with all three times. (Because let's be honest, I'm not unpacking and repacking two more times.) So I'll be living out of a ziplock bag until sometime in May. There are no words for my joy. Although Amanda agreed that this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of my piece of crap dresser ahem dresser that is a fine example of Swedish craftsmanship out of a box. Not sure what I'll replace it with but that this point a ziplock bag is almost preferable.

Right now I'm at Amanda's. We've both got our laptops out and we're ignoring each other. I'm converting movie files to play on my iPod so I have some entertainment while I travel. Amanda... maybe I should check if she's on facebook.

What does it take to get ready for bedbugs? Here's some of the instructions I had to follow: (From what they sent me.)

A. Empty all dressers, nightstands, or other furniture in bedrooms. Place items removed in sealed plastic bags. The bottoms of the drawers and the dresser will be treated for bed bugs. (Too bad I didn't just toss the dresser now. They'll have to waste their chemicals on it.)

B. Strip all beds of sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattress covers and place these items in plastic bags until they can be washed in hot water, dry cleaned, or placed in a commercial drier for one hour. ... The mattress, box springs, and bed frames will be steam treated to kill all life stages of the bed bugs and will be treated with an insecticide and insect growth regulator. Do not reuse bedding items until they are completely dry. Mercifully, my mattress has already been treated and is now sealed. I did re-wash and re-dry the bedding.

C. Remove EVERYTHING from floors and shelves of all closets and place items in plastic bags (sealed) until they can be laundered or placed in a commercial dryer for one hour. Items hanging in the closets may remain there during the treatment. Remember the last time this happened and they took all my clothes? Yeah, so do I. They're not doing that now. Clothes take up a lot of space when they're not in the dresser or closet. That's not counting coats, towels, sheets, napkins, place mats...


F. If living room or other rooms are used for sleeping purposes or if bed bugs have been found in living areas the above instructions must be followed for these rooms. Upholstered furniture such as sofas, sofa sleepers, and chairs will be steam treated and insecticide treated. Yeah, my living room looks like the shelves threw up all over the table and counter. They have to be able to get back behind my entertainment center.


3. Clean all food contact services (counter tops, dining room table, etc). Mmmmm. Pesticides. Yum.

4. Clothing, bedding, draperies & curtains and other cloth articles should be washed in hot water, steam cleaned, dry cleaned, or placed in a commercial drier for a minimum of one hour to kill bed bugs. Well luckily all of my clothes have been treated for bed bugs. My drapes too...

5. All washed items should be kept in unused tightly sealed bags or other plastic sealable containers until ADAM’S has performed a follow up visit and found zero bed bugs. Do not replace items in dresser drawers. Please utilize the storage bags or similar containers during this treatment phase, which may take several weeks. Yeah, you thought I was being melodramatic when I said I'd be living out of a ziplock bag...

6. Unwashed items must be kept in tightly sealed plastic bags. Actually, I'll be living out of several ziplock bags.

And, my personal favorite: The treatment of bed bugs generally requires additional treatments that will be scheduled on a regular basis (every three weeks or so) until the inspection does not reveal the presence of bed bugs. During subsequent inspections and treatments the preparation procedures must be followed to ensure success.

I'm becoming more entertained with facebook

As I start to realize exactly how many people I knew in high school that I don't talk to anymore, I'm becoming more entertained with facebook. Amanda, I agree, this could become addictive.

By the way, did you know this is a real thing? Look, I found it here too. Wild.


Taxes were way less exciting than they could have been

Is it wrong that I feel like I always do things too early to get the tax benefit? It's true.

Spending my Americorps Education Award: Two years in a row my federal refund was enough to cover what I owed in state taxes because the thing is taxable. This year, there's a question on our state return that asks if we were penalized for the Ed Award and adjusts the state gross income accordingly. Minnesota, you rarely upset me, but this is one of those times.

First time home buyer: Yeah, I purchased my home about two months too early to qualify. Somehow since I bought my home before April 1st (oh, the irony of that date), I'm immune to the whole economic fiasco that we're encountering right now. (Mr. President, you're new. But seriously, did you just throw a dart at the calendar to pick that day?)

I do get refunds from both the state and feds this year, although not as much as some had lead me to believe I'd receive, what with the student loans and the mortgage and all. That'll be nice. Especially since I've felt like I've been low on funds lately.


More on the facebook adventure

Ok, so I registered and uploaded a picture. I'm sorry, I'm really not giving facebook access to my email account, even for a short time. I will now await the love.


I'm on facebook

What do I do now?

A fairly productive weekend in disgusise

This weekend has actually been fairly productive, despite me laying on my couch pretty much all day yesterday. I feel like I might have had a small fever. On Friday something I ate tried to kill me so this might have been a residual. I also got a migraine. So last night I did what any rational being would have: I drank the last of the alcohol that was in my house (two to three drinks worth, calm down) and went to sleep. When I got up I was mostly fine.

I definitely did not want to run but I decided a stroll around the lake would be lovely so I walked at the end of the day.

I also did laundry, (which took care of cleaning my room too), straightened the living room, and cleaned the kitchen. Then I made cashew curry although I disagree with the part of the recipe where the garlic and onions aren't sweated and the veggies aren't cooked before hand. (Brown veggies taste better.) So I diverged slightly from the recipe. That's what I'll have for lunch for the next little while at work.

Now, I'm sitting here making spaghetti. Mmmm. Tomato sauce. Yum.


Can someone tell me what Twitter is and why it's useful...

Anyone? ::Looks Around:: No? Ok. I keep hearing about Twitter, it doesn't seem like it applies to my life. Much like Facebook. Sorry.

Week nine is going much better the second time. I ran an undetermined distance today but I think it was pretty close to the seven miles I was aiming for. I took a little side trip over to Lake Hiawatha and I don't have that path measured out as well. Plus, when I got over there, the water fountain didn't work. So I stopped paying attention to where I was running because of my thirst.

I haven't done a whole lot this week, mostly trying to get myself into a running schedule. Today I ran after work (which ended at 1pm today) because I knew it would be warmer then. I'm feeling more successful about running lately and also like running in the more morning is more realistic. I feel like I have a better way of thinking about it now than I've had recently.

**Author's note: Kelly, I swear I didn't read your blog before I wrote today, although, obviously I've read it now. I will take this matter under advisement. Thank you.**


Week 9 Redux

My second crack at week 9 is going only slightly better than the original. I ran 7 miles on Sunday and 5 miles today (which leaves a two 3 mile runs and a 4 mile run by Saturday). In other news the weather is awesome and I want nothing more than to spend all my time outside.

This week I was remembering with longing a time when I ran 5-6 times a week, always at the crack of dawn. I just got up. Even when I was on my period I'd run which is something I rarely do now. I kept thinking, "what's wrong with me that I can't get up anymore?" and "how come I just want to sleep all the time". I then googled "for people who can't get out of bed in the morning" which led me to this gem.

My 5am coach does suck. My 6am, 7am, 8am and 8:45am coaches aren't so good either.

Back, once upon a time when I ran 5 days a week, I was in grad school working and working like twelve jobs. I had to get up and run because there were no other options and it was the only thing I did the whole day that was only for me. So I channeled what I did back then to get up. I tried it this morning and it worked. I think I'll try it again tomorrow. And then go run. Outside. In the warmth.