Painting woes

It all started weeks ago when I saw this great commercial for painters tape, which made me believe it was possible to paint more than one color on my wall. And then I went to Ikea and was further encouraged to decorate my wall. Some internet research led me to believe the best option would be to paint stripes on the wall in my entryway. Kelly came over, helped me pick out colors and off I went. The first coat went on nicely.
I started measuring lines with my cool painters level. I didn't even get super OCD about the whole thing which is really quite something. I got the lines measured and started taping the walls. That's where the trouble began.

Kelly came over yesterday to help me paint some. Luckily I didn't tape the entire entryway. Because when I tried to pull up the tape from the flat finish paint, this is what happened:

This is what it looks like where there was no tape. It's a really subtle effect, just adds some interest to the entryway, which is the first thing people see and kind of boring. It's also a small enough space that I could get away with this.

I spent part of today touching up the parts where the paint had peeled off. From far away it looks, sort of ok.

Close up, it's still sad. I haven't been successful at internet research about how to cover up peeling paint, especially in a way that evens out the texture. Any search of peeling paint just takes me to more information than anyone ever needed about lead. I think I need to stop and let the paint dry for a while and work on my next move.

This has all got to be fixed by September 12 because my Dad is coming to visit the next day.

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