where I should live

Well, I was reading Kelly's blog and saw her results for this quiz so I thought I would take it too.

My results:
  1. Portland, Oregon. I like Portland. It's a bit far from family and friends though.
  2. Little Rock, AK. Um, no.
  3. San Jose, CA. I actually do have family out there, a couple cousins but the cost of living is really high.
  4. Corvallis, OR. Where? If it's like Portland I'd probably love it but miss Amanda and Kelly and family.
  5. Hartford, CT. Doesn't that city have like more crime than NYC?
  6. Baltimore, MD. I don't know why this one doesn't sit well with me. I have a friend who went to school there and liked it.
  7. Las Vegas, NV. Huh? Seriously, how did that one get there?
  8. Milwaukee, WI. Oh hell no.
  9. Salem, OR. See 4.
  10. Honolulu, HI. Hee hee. Again, I think I'd like it but it's far away and pricey.
  11. Medford, OR. See 4
I was surpised that I didn't have any Minnesota cities because I love it here. I think I need to re-answer the questions about the weather because that's clearly what's throwing everything else out of whack. Las Vegas? I ask you.

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