July 2014 Totals

I've found a hitch in my record keeping.  Separating totals by month is actually harder than it seems on my current spreadsheet.  Sigh.  I will keep working at it because the monthly statistics seem quite useful.

What Worked Well: I upped my daily mileage to include several 6-mile runs, and my weekly mileage to low 30s.  I'm also making a strong effort to run in all kinds of new and fun places.  Elm Creek Preserve is a favorite for longer runs and varying trail types, and the Anoka Nature Preserve is a favorite for dirt/grass/sand trails. 

What Could Go Better: I didn't do very many finishers.  Hello, lateral stability!  I did about half as many minutes compared to June.  In July, I did a lot of hot afternoon runs and was just utterly spent by the time I was done. Runs that defeated me include the time I tried to run hills, Medicine Lake in the heat, and a Monday long run to the sculpture garden

Biggest Surprise:Stretching minutes nearly doubled from last month.  It must be having the second foam roller.  Foam rolling has accounted for almost all of those stretching minutes this month.  I'm guessing most of my non-finisher time wound up in this category.  Especially because I typically foam roll right before bed, long after I recovered from a hot run.

Plans for the next month: I will try to keep exploring new places to run.  Today I found Buffalo and Montrose.  I'd like to keep the stretching around 30 minutes per week and move the 'finisher' up to once a week as well.

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