Medicine Lake - too many miles

Today was just one of those runs that would not end.  How hilarious is it that the crazy hot and humid run on Tuesday was my best one of the week so far.

Trails: I knew I'd end the day near Medicine Lake so I'd planned to run the 7.5 mile loop around the lake.  Most of the time I was on Medicine Lake Trail but I spent about a mile on Luce Line Trail as well.  I didn't like either one.  Luce Line had these fantastic wooden bridges, and then all these spaces where the trail was super narrow.  Medicine Lake was usually wide enough but the pavement is so old that I actually noticed.  It was lopsided in places, and places so worn out that rocks were poking into my shoes.  A disappointing amount of this run was on a 'protected' trail next to a main road.  Separated may be a more accurate word.  I was really sick of all the cars driving by watching me run slow.

The Run: I just couldn't focus on running.  My heart rate was crazy high the entire time.  I had to stop in the middle for a potty break.  I walked a lot.  I walked up most of the hills.  I got a work-related call in the middle of the run, so I walked then.  And so on.  It was one of those rare days I wished I'd brought my ear buds because the music would've helped me focus much better.   It just wasn't my day for a good run.

Post-falls issues: My leg was a bit stiff today, after yesterdays two dramatic falls.  I don't feel my leg collapsing or doing weird things, just a stiff clumsy muscle.  I really don't want to foam roll the muscle.  I don't know why, but it feels like it would be a bad thing to do.  Tonight before bed I plan on taking some ibuprofen instead.

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