Tuesday: 4 Miles in the crazy humid heat

Weather: I checked my phone at 5:45am and Siri told me the heat index was 88* and the actual temp was around 81*.  Well, this should be hilarious.  It was one of those days that started out so boggy and humid that it got slightly better when the sun came up and a breeze came along.  Still it was hot and humid and I did not have high expectations for the workout.

Run: I hit up my usual 4-mile route.  Notably, I was able to run on the bike path the entire way around Lake Hiawatha.  That had been underwater since some time in June or so.  The pedestrian path is still swamped.  Literally.  I decided today that I will be most happy when the pedestrian sidewalk under the Cedar Ave bridge re-opens.  I'm thinking there's a good shot it'll be ready by December.

Cool down: Instead of doing any cross training, I just walked around the block to cool down.  I was hot and starting to feel miserable, so I thought bringing the heart rate down in a healthy manner should be the priority.

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