8 Miles to the Sculpture Garden

Backstory: One of my favorite blogs is DC Rainmaker.  I'm always reading where he does these runs out of Paris, and then just jumps on a train or bus back into town.  That always sounds like so much fun!  I didn't need a super long run today, but knew I could see more places if I ran one direction and took the bus back.

Route:  I jumped on the Greenway from my neighborhood, and went all the way out to Kenilworth TrailI better enjoy it while I can.  From there I headed back into the city and finished at The Sculpture Garden.  I was totally slow, and still had a higher than desirable heart rate.  Phil Maffetone would not approve.  At the end of the run, I walked around a bit and took some pictures and then jumped on a bus or two to get home.  The transit feature on Google Maps is utterly useful.

Weather: It was in the high 70s and very sunny.  I think that explains most of why my heart rate was so high.  It's not like I was moving that fast.  There was a breeze most of the way.  That didn't help my heart rate either because it was a headwind.  Sigh.

Nutrition: This was an 8-mile run.  I took one gel around mile 7 because I was hungry from not having eaten much during the day.  I also carried a hand held water bottle.  I had a bit to drink on the run and then had the rest on the bus ride home. 

Pictures: It was a weird day and hard to find any motivation to run at all. Ultimately the promise of some photo ops was enough to draw me off the couch.  The route did not disappoint. And yes, I was totally thinking of what I now refer to as the Holly Spoon day.

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