June 2014 - Totals

I did run today on a treadmill.  Normally running on a treadmill deserves it's own post because it's so freaking rare.  I also spent some quality time on an elliptical, which may even be more rare than treadmill running.  That doesn't seem right?  After those two things, I took an hour Spin Class.

More importantly, here's how things shaped up for June:

What worked well: I'm packing running clothes with me most days and running in parks all over every part of town which has been fun.  I'm also enjoying the 'finishers' for my workouts as a way to strengthen my legs.

What could go better: Being sick totally sucked. Maybe let's not repeat that for July.  And, I need to pack and use my heart rate monitor.  I've been forgetting that a lot lately.

Biggest surprise: To have so many miles with such a really rough month.  Last week was one of my lowest mileage weeks all year.  I'd like to thank my stomach for that one.  Seriously.  I guess I need to add up my totals every month from now on to see how much I really run in a month. 

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