6.5 Miles I'd like to forget

Run: Today's run was just blah.  There was no way I could keep my heart under 155.  It was a bit warm, and a totally not flat course just proved too much.  After a couple miles I switched to a run/walk interval, and then totally walked the last mile home.  I still somehow managed to set a 'personal best' for a 400m effort when I bombed down 50th street from Nicollet back to the parkway.  That downhill was the whole reason I picked that route.  It is every bit as fun as it looks. 

Lake Harriet: In one of my favorite summer traditions, we saw the Minneapolis Pops.  Tonight was Pirates of Penzance with our local Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta group.  I had a blast.  It was fun to go with Lucinda who is herself a theater buff and has a great background knowledge about all that is happening on stage.  

Productivity Bugs: I got laundry done, and cleaned my whole house.  Who would've guessed.  Sadly now I have a moth the size of a pigeon flying around my living room and I'm not really sure how to catch it.  I think I tracked a spider in here too so I'm hoping that takes care of it. I don't have a picture of the moth or the spider, but I did find some other amazingly obliging bugs today.

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