6 miles: Elm Creek Park Preserve

I found myself very close to Elm Creek Park Reserve at the end of the day.  That means I should run here right?  I'd only been to Elm Creek one other time and I loved it so I was super happy to get back. 

Trails: Today I was on a mix of paved trails and grass/dirt trails, and what may have been horse trails.  The horse trails were pleasantly free of poo if that's indeed what they were.  Sadly, many of the non-paved trailed were still utterly compromised by puddles, which meant I kept having to find my way back to the pavement.  This place is so huge.  I've been here twice and still barely seen any of what's here.  I can't wait for the dirt trails to dry up so I can get into the middle of the park more.

Run: Slow, hot, and gorgeous are the adjectives for this run.  Slow because I was not super speedy.  The paved parts of the trail were easier, but still involved rolling hills.  The non-paved parts of the trail were and utter adventure.  I'm sure not knowing my way around and having to stop to look at the map all the time didn't help.  Hot because it was in the low 80s.  I found it fantastic.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  And gorgeous because duh! 

Zumba: I totally went to Zumba after running.  And danced my heart out because the teacher played the Boom Boom song for me.  And then we had tacos after because I was so hungry from all the running and the dancing.

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