5-ish miles in Anoka

I'd been to the Anoka Nature Preserve one time before and had a blast.  My goal today was to explore some more of it, hoping that the trails would be mud-free, and more of it would be open.  Verdict: Mud-free.  Great Success.

Distance: I learned today, in my exploration that the preserve isn't really super big.  I'd originally targeted six miles as my goal distance, but after exploring and still managing to make two complete circuits of the place, my head wasn't in it for the last mile.  I just couldn't work out a collection of paths that would be a mile but not land me in someplace ridiculous to finish the run.  I stopped at mile 5 and then walked about half mile back to my car.  I think in the future, this is a good place for a 3-4 mile run, but nothing more.

Trails: I also learned today that I love to explore.  I sort of knew this already.  But I got off the main trail in some places and played in the woods.  I found a swimming hole, a beaver dam, a snorkel kit (serious) and some downed trees.  I wound up heading back to the main trails because the bugs were fairly out of control in the back woods.  And yes, I did a tick-check or two.  As a bonus today, I wore my true trail shoes.  I haven't had these out to play for a while.  I had an utter failure when I packed white socks on trail running day.  Those socks are now brown.  Shaking my head.

Pictures: The best part of the run today was all the photos I took.  I told you I run with a camera right?

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