Hot Hot Hot Running on the Trails

I found a new favorite place to run.  Wow!  Today I went through the Anoka Nature Preserve for a short 3-mile run.  I went at the end of the word day and it was hotter than fire (almost) so I didn't want to go too far, but I was so excited to see the trails.

I could see this place on a map, close to another trail I've tried, so I wanted to check it out.  When I got home and started on this blog post, I had a hard time linking to the right place.  My friends at Google Maps unhelpfully name this place 'Rum River Park' there are two, this isn't either one of them, and my friends at Open Streets Maps didn't know what the hell to call this place and just left the space blank, as did Bing and Mapquest.  Wtf?  Eventually I looked on the City of Anoka's website and found this place listed as their newest nature preserve.  I say it's fantastic.

Aside from being thrilled with the location, I kept thinking 'I wonder when the heat's going to start bothering me' and it never really did.  I think this most recent winter (the one that didn't end until last week) really made me appreciate running in hot weather.  Before this year, a run in 85* at the end of a work day simply wouldn't have happened.  My, how things change!

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