Long Run Sunday: Ft Snelling

Plan: Run the Ft Snelling route.  I used a program on my Garmin that beep is my heart rate goes to low (ha!) or over 152 bpm.  If I can keep my heart rate low for this run it will be a miracle. 

Route:  The Ft Snelling Route Amended - run back up the long but not steep hill, making this a slightly different route than the one I normally do.  This will be better practice for Flying Pig which has its own very long hill. 

Weather: Started in the low 40s and got up to the 50s by the time I was done. It was cloudy but the sun poked out from time to time.

Wardrobe: I ran in capris and a shirt, and arm sleeves.  I took the sleeves off at the bottom of the big hill.  I wore my orange visor.

Execution: My heart rate did stay within range back up the hill, but it went haywire shortly after that.  I mostly ignored my heart rate alarm for the last two miles of the running.  Sigh. I have to say, that hill was nowhere near as bad in real life as I'd made it up to be in my mind.

Nutrition: Before the run I had a handfull of apricots.  During the run I had some water and a whole pack of chews.  I had chews at miles 4, 6, and 9.  By the time I was home I felt like I'd had too many chews.  Good lesson for next time.

Bonus: According to Strava, the last time I ran at Ft Snelling was the end of July last summer and the time before that was late June last summer.

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