Sunday Long Run - Ft Snelling

Plan: Run at a low heart rate, walk up the big hill.

Route: I took the Ft Snelling Route today.

Weather: I accidentally woke up at 5am.  Because I hadn't re-set my alarm from last week.  So I stayed up and headed out then.  It was 68* and 80% humidity when I started.  It didn't get much hotter during the run.

Execution: I find myself in the unusual predicament of having to try and run faster to keep my heart rate above 130.  I so do not understand what is happening.  I kept my heart rate in Z2 until around mile 9.  After that my brain kind of gave up and my heart rate went up a bit, but nothing outrageous. I was really pleased with this run, especially the 'go faster' bits.

Nutrition: I did not eat before I ran.  At 5am I couldn't get anything down. I carried two bottles of water, and a bag of gummy chews.  I did eat the chews, finishing them up around mile 9 or 10.  I had a few sips of water whenever I wanted. 

Bonus: I saw this guy up fishing for his breakfast after mile 1.

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