Sunday Long Run - Ft Snelling

Plan: Run the Ft Snelling route.  Keep the heart rate low.  Walk up the big hill.

Route: Along the creek to Ft Snelling, around the fort, then back home.  This is the route with all of the hills.

Weather: It was around 70* for this run.  I got up at 5am because I didn't want to deal with anything warmer than that.  Ever.

Walk up the big hill - Check
Keep the heart rate low - big fat check!  Avg HR 134
Run the route - well, there was a fall and then later I got sick.  But other than that, 'run the route' went okay too.  The fall involved a sideways roll, but nothing scraped or bruised.

Nutrition: I had a few sips of water and some gummies.  I had yogurt before I left the house.

Bonus: I saw an oriel, then later I saw a mom and Bambi deer.

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