LinkUp: If running is what you do in your free time, it's what you have to talk about right?

So HRG asks How do the people in your life feel about your running? Do you feel like you are surrounded by runners or not so much! Do your non-runner family/friends enjoy talking about running with you or do you just skip any running talk with them? 

I absolutely love the question, becuase I think it's one a lot of runners struggle with.  If running is what you do in your free time, it's what you have to talk about right?  But what if your friends aren't into running?  Or exercising?  Then does it just sound like bragging?

The biggest surprise for me: my parents. Story about Dad: I called him when my running streak hit a full year and asked if I should purposefully take the day off the next day to end the streak.  He was all "you'll know what to do".  When we talk, he'll ask if I'm still running every day.  Mom and Dad come to all of the Flying Pig races when I'm in town, and they've even come to some of the Minnesota races.  Their favorite by far was the trail race I did a couple years ago at a state park.

Less surprising but no less wonderful: my gym friends, runners and non-runners alike, have come to local races to cheer (and sometimes even run with me).  This makes my heart full.  During training season, they ask me how training is going, and sometimes if I'm still running every day.  I ask them how Zumba or spin or swimming is going.  Through these conversations, I think I may have found a new training partner for long runs.  How wonderful would that be?

Work friends: At the old job, it was no secret that I ran.  I'd do a lot of workouts so people saw me in my gear from time to time.  I also did the Team:Work workouts for the old Dreidel Dash (which I guess is no longer a thing).  Some people would ask and were really supportive. At the current job, I saw one of my closest colleagues in a race and she ran some of it with me so we do talk about training. Some other people do know that I'm a runner.  Mostly from comments like "if I drive all the way out there, can I go for a run at the end of the day before driving back to town?" (That's how this awesomeness happened.)

Those who started it all: The Qat Lady has to tolerate me talking about running, because it was she who got me into this habit in the first place.  (Thank you!) My Pooky Bear gets sucked into this sometimes too.  In the beginning, she had really useful tips for me about training on a treadmill.  (Something about not stomping or banging my feet.  I assure you, it was useful.)

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