Annandale Running

A friend told me that the lake in Annandale would be fun running.  This friend is obviously a country girl because her next sentence was "the road won't be too busy so you'll be fine."  The city girl in me drove the route once before running it.

Plan: The run is about 5 miles.  Run facing traffic.  Stay safe and have fun.

Route: Around the lake.  On the east and west sides of the lake, it's basically along the road.  On the north side of the lake there's a legit path and it was a pleasure.  The south side of the lake is in town and has sidewalks. Running northbound on Park St was not the most relaxing thing in the world, but after that things were really fun.

Weather: It was 15mph winds and 37*.  I was kind of cold, and very happy for warm clothes after I was done.

Execution: I had a surprisingly fun time.  I ran in NB Minimus.  I wish I'd had something with a bit more protection from the rocks/gravel on the side of the road.  I decided to not pay any attention to my heart rate and just have fun.  Mission accomplished.

Nutrition: After the run I had a great latte and an hour drive home.  The latte was legit.

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