10 Fitness Things I Couldn't Live Without

Thanks to Hungry Runner Girl for her post and for letting me copy you!

1.  Endomondo on my iPhone (works on Android and Blackberry too though!  Yes.  I track all of my runs.  I'm kind of a nut.  I love this app because it lets me track a billion other sports too, including cycling and Zumba.

2. Minimus shoes.  The thing with life lately is I don't always know where I'll be running at the end of the day.  Will it be paved?  Grass trails?  Dirt?  Maybe I'll go to Elm Creek and get all three.  These shoes handle whatever I throw at them really well.  It's nice to feel comfortable and have confidence in my footing on every surface I see. 

3. My iPhone (or any phone with a GPS function on it).  As I mentioned, I've been running all over the freaking place.  I am so lucky!  I do love to explore, but trails in Minnesota don't always make sense.  Here for more info.  In most of my recent runs in new places, I've had to stop and consult the map to figure out which route to take, even with studying a trail map ahead of time.  I'm cool with it because I didn't get lost and had a great time.

4.  A good sports bra.  'Nuff said.

5.  A heart rate monitor.  This thing was sort of torture when I started using it.  It kept me running so freaking slow.  I'm liking it more and more now, except in the heat when it still keeps me very slow.  Even then I sort of like it because I've had much better luck actually running in the heat this year than ever before.

6. A good pair of ear buds.  This is more for working out indoors in the winter, since I rarely use them outside.  But seriously, inside, they are always in my ears.  I appreciate not hearing the person on the treadmill next to me pounding away, or the dude behind me grunting while he lifts weights.  And I appreciate the hours of entertainment while running in circles on the track.  

7. A camera.  It's not directly a piece of workout equipment.  I take bazillions of pictures on my runs.  Seriously.  If you see 4, assume 40 were taken.  Sometimes the promise of taking pictures someplace fun is the only thing that will get me to put on my sneakers, so I think it's legit.

8. A foam roller, or more accurately two foam rollers.  Two is way better than one.  

9.  Five Finger Shoes.  These are the only things I wear in Zumba.  I will run indoors on the track in them, and also did Circuit and weight lifting in them. In the summer, I wear them to all manner of places.

10. Nike Filament Capris. I have like five pairs of them.  In multiple colors.  I was also thinking about 2xu Active Tri Shorts, but I have more pairs of the Nikes and have driven further to purchase them.  It's a problem.  I've never been a super fun of Nike shoes, but their clothes have been indestructible and crazy comfortable so far.  Enjoy!

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