Best Sports Bras for Running

Any woman with boobs larger than a mosquito bite knows the struggle of finding a good sports bra. For a long time, this review and its companion piece had been the ultimate description of my trials. 5 dumbbells?  Is that enough   Today, Runner's World has outshined the competition with their Pros and Cons of Popular Sports Bra styles and this one small piece of information:

Requires Yoga-like flexibility and an owner's manual to fasten. I finally feel like someone understands me.

For those who are curious:  I use Moving Comfort bars that have a racer back and a fastener in the back, similar to what's pictured above. The style I'd bought for a few years is no longer made, so now I'm testing out the Rebound Racer.   Please don't fall over when you see the price.

How to buy sports bras on the cheap: Maybe this should be it's own post?  As you can see, these things are not cheap.  I tend to shop for sales.  I compare prices on the company website, Amazon.com and REI Outlet and then go for the cheapest.  Another good discount vendor is Sierra Trading Post although I haven't used them.  I just got 4 bras for $75 from REI, so it is worth it to shop around.

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