Internet Search Results: Holly Spoon

As has been well documented, I love seeing all the search results that bring people to this blog, even just one time.  Most people wind up here for posts on Ikea hacking, or the few posts on the Nike and Endomonod running apps.  From time to time people wind up here to find out things like How Tall is Sven Sungaard? He's my height.  Or Can I mix Chia seeds with my Diet Pepsi?  Not even once.

Today it was "holly spoon".  I was all how does that even lead here?  Other internet searches reveal a ridiculous number of people on Facebook named "Holly Spoon" and image searches reveal an equal number of wooden spoons and young toddlers named Holly eating with a spoon for the first time.  On this blog, it leads to this post about my friend Holly and the day we saw the Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  So, I hope that answered your question.

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