Weekend Workouts: Mostly a warm week (finally)

Sunday I did my long run for the week, because the weather was that good.  I spent some quality time on the Greenway with melting snow and massive puddles.

Monday I also made it outside for a workout that was probably too fast to actually be a recovery run.  And I took some pictures of a still mostly frozen Lake Nokomis.

Tuesday I had a true 'recovery' day, just running my mile and heading back inside.  I ran up and down the middle of the road, back and forth on my block because there were no dry sidewalks and everything was generally gross.

Wednesday I had a date with the track at the gym testing out a new pair of shoes.  Something is not right with the shoes, but the run was nice.  I purposefully kept it slow and easy and was happy with the results.

Thursday I'd planned to run on the Greenway and then Zumba, but instead I made friends with a new trail, one of the happier discoveries of my week.

Friday I had a run after work.  I decided I'd make a little more effort than some of the easier runs I'd taken this week.  It was crazy-windy out, and I was running into the wind for the back half of the run.  It was not awesome, but I was surprised to see my paces when I got done, and happy I'd put in a bit of effort.

Saturday I had a 'naked' run, meaning no electronics devices, on the track followed by Body Pump and Zumba.  I'm clear on one thing: I hate tricep dips.  After working out, I took a 4-hour nap which was equally awesome.

Summary for the week:
Running: 31.38 miles
Walking: 1.17 miles
Stretching: 70 minutes, including foam rolling
Weight lifting: 1 hr

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