Long Run Sunday - To the Puddles!

It's the warmest it's been here since I cannot remember when.  Probably before Thanksgiving.  It may even be warmer tomorrow, but this was the day I had time for a long run so I made the very very most of it.

Plan for the run: I used the Interval Workout feature on my Endomondo app to set up an ascending ladder interval.  I love the Interval feature. Paying for the Pro version of the app was totally worth it.  I programmed to start out with running 4:00 and walking 1:00, and increated up running 16:00.  Goal moving time was just over 2 hours. 

Route: I did the same out and back along The Greenway that I'd done a few weeks agoIt was so much warmer this time.  I picked the Greenway because I strongly suspected that the puddle situation would be less dire here than almost anywhere else.  There were a couple massive puddles, but mostly I did okay.  As expected, my feet did get wet before the end. 

Weather: It was a balmy 42* with light winds in some places.  Mostly cloudy but still super bright with all the light reflecting off the snow pack.  I almost wished for sunglasses.  Everything is starting to melt like crazy up here which is making for some super sized puddles. I had a mix of snow pack, slush pack, puddles and bare asphalt.  And puddles.  Did I mention them?  

Execution: I liked this interval workout better than the last one.  I liked building the running towards the end because that's probably closer to the pattern that I will race.  I was able to keep my feet dry until about the last 20 minutes.  Once I'd run through one puddle and my feet were drenched, I reasoned they couldn't get any more wet, so I ran as straight a line as possible and went through a bunch more puddles.  Back at the gym, I wound up getting out of my wet clothes and taking a shower before stretching and cooling down.  Because I was that much of a mess.

Nutrition: True story.  I didn't want to carry my hand held water bottle because my arms are still sore from Body Pump yesterday, so I used my belt instead.  I'd had a nice breakfast before the run, which really kept me going.  I had a pack of Gu Chomps out with me.  I ate a couple chomps at mile 4 and a couple more at mile 5.  I ran through my planned snacking points at miles 8 and 9, so I finished off the pack during my cool down walk. 

Pictures: Today was an excellent day for pictures.  I carried my little Canon with me and took most of these pics during walk breaks. 

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