Wednesday Long Run: Puddles deeper than a lake!

Wednesday is my new long run day, and bonus for it being so freaking warm today. 

Plan for the run: I created a pyramid interval workout with my Endomondo App.  (The Pro and Premium versions have this feature.)  Basically it was running for longer and longer periods with a walking break.  Running intervals were .4 miles, .5, .6, .75, .8, 1.1, 1.25, 1.1, .8, .75, .6, .5, .4; and walking breaks were always .1 miles.

Weather: Started off around 10:45am around 30* and warmed up to around 40* by the time I was done.  Sunny, blue skies.  The snow piles are starting to melt, which wound up creating its own set of problems.  I did not get splashed by any drivers going through puddles, but there were some close calls, and one point where I had to stop on a hill and wait for a runner to pass the other way because of the massive ice flow melting on the sidewalk.

Route: I started at the Lock and Dam and planned to run up to the U of M Railroad bridge, then down the other side of the river and cross again at Ford Street.  Ultimately, I wound up crossing at Lake Street because the east side of the river was universally a mess.  That path was cared for by the University of Minnesota, City of Minneapolis and City of St Paul, and they don't all suck that badly, so I think we have to assume there's a weird shade/sun issue with that side of the river.  Before the run I was happy for a route that had hills.  During the run I thought I'd been a touch mad.  See miles 4 through 7 for reference.

Nutrition: I found a hand held water bottle during a shopping trip with my Pooky Bear this week and was excited to give it a go.  I also found some organic gummy chews while grocery shopping and was excited to give them a try.  I couldn't really tell a difference between those chews and Chomps other than one is carried in my grocery store.  That alone is something of a recommendation though.  Post run I had chocolate covered almonds and then a strawberry shake at Jamba Juice.

Execution: I really liked having an interval program planned, and I also liked that it was a different distance every time.  That kept me mentally engaged.  Except at the end I kind of hated that the running intervals were getting shorter.  Why am I not back at my car?  Can I be done yet?  At least I had a reason to run faster.  Not that you could tell it in the times.  The end was where I ran into a few big puddles, including that one that was calf deep.  That was truly awesome.  I found out that while my shoes may drain, smart wool socks certainly do not.

Pictures: This was certainly a better route for pictures than last time.  Also better was that I kept the camera in a pocket while I ran and mostly took it out while walking.  I wound up taking pictures for much more of the route than last time, and got a couple real gems towards the end. 

Post Run: After the run, I started to get really cold as predicted but a warm shower straightened everything out. I had a mid afternoon appointment, followed by shopping at REI. In the evening I did about 20 minutes of stretching and am now back to feeling like Gumby.

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