Running Monday: Was that a recovery run or a speed workout?

Plan for today's run was an easy 2-mile recovery run after yesterday's longer effort.  It was super warm outside, so I went over to Lake Nokomis for the run and resolved to get my feet wet.  Again.  Interestingly, my brain was all "it's only two miles.  Just go."  And I wound up with a workout that was a bit faster pace than I'd anticipated.

I only ran around the back of the lake, and then had a nice long walk over the bridge back to my car.  I used the time to cool down, and bask in the warm weather and take pictures.  I was also testing out how my shoes handle sockless.  (With all the wet-feet runs, I've noticed the shoes don't seem to hold water so much as the socks.)  I was also testing out my warm weather tights for the year.  My pasty white legs didn't blind anyone this time, but there's always tomorrow.

Post run,  I had a nice long foam roll session.  There's some foam roll exercises that really can't be done at the gym. This one for example..  My personal favorite exercise is the hip flexors which can also look dirty but I play it cool when I do that one in public.  Once I got done with my dirty stretches, I rolled out my feet with a golf ball and called it a night.

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