Why do I keep falling down?

It's been a rough year for falls. I was out one day for a run when I found an unavoidable patch of ice, fell down, and tried to tell the City of Minneapolis to clean up the side walk.  They didn't care.  "Fall with injuries" means nothing to them.  I fell again on ice a couple days later on a different sidewalk.  At the end of March, I went for a long run and fell head over heals for the first time.  So glad I learned safety rolls in gymnastics.  A couple months later I had another fall on the same route.  The first fall was tripping over a gap in the sidwalk and the second was tripping over a tree route.

I had a really rough run on Monday morning.  I wanted to go out and pound the pace.  Even my warmup mile was a bit faster.  Then I totally fell down.  My toe just got caught on wonky piece of the sidewalk that I didn't even see.  I can't find proof on my blog but I think I tripped there one time before, when they were redoing the sidewalk.  It was like I tripped on the new part that's supposed to be even.  Fail.

The fifth fall in three months really sent me over the edge.  I did not go so fast on the rest of the run.  I was kind of shaky and freaking out.  What is wrong with me?  The ice falls should not count, but even 3 falls feels like a lot.  I'm not falling or tripping at other times, and not seeming to have other problems like peripheral vision weirdness so I have no idea what's going on.  Maybe it's just a string of luck and I should buy a lottery ticket?  Who knows.

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