What's on my blogroll? N, O, P and Q

Check out A through C, D through G and H through M.  

Nichole's Running Blog A local runner who is in the process of turning pro with Brooks which makes many of my favorite shoes.  It's interesting to hear about super intense training (100 miles weeks?!?) and what it's really like to become a professional runner.  (How many pairs of shoes do you really get?)

OpenForum - A whole bunch of business articles from American Express.  I skip most of them but there are a few that really appeal to me, like how be a good manager and harness the power of introvertsLeave me alone!

Passive Aggressive Notes is a great time killer and source of entertainment.  There's such classics as WiFi Passive Agressives and make sure your co-workers don't steal your food.

QueasyFish because WTF? I found a blog that starts with the letter Q.

Rx: IronMan Another local runner - this blog isn't updated super often (something about being a mom and responsible for the care and feeding of another human being?) but does show some local races and running routes so it's interesting to me. 

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