What's in my blogroll? A, B and Cs

I don't actually use blogroll of "follow" blogs.  I've heard of those things but have no idea what they are or how to use them.  Sorry people.  I've used an RSS reader since before most people knew what they were, so when I find new blogs or other interesting sites, I always subscribe via that method.  My current News reader is Google Reader which is great because I can get to it from any computer and my iPod and phone. 

I have eighteen billion blogs that I love to read, as well as some other favorite websites that I look at all the time.  These are listed alphabetically by first letter of the name of the site.  (All the sites that are called "the XYZ" will be under T.  That will be a long post.)

Ask A Manager - This is like an advice column for anyone who is working, wants to work, used to work, supervises, wants to supervise, knows someone who works or wants to supervise, etc.  People write in with all kinds of stories from the relevant and useful to the hilarious to the truly bizarre, and then they get advice about how to handle these professional dilemmas.  Sometimes the writer even posts follow ups so you can find out what happened to the girl whose boss was leaving toenail clippings in her desk or whatever.

Awkward Family Photos - You should know about this one already.  It's not cats but it's almost as good.  Sometimes I just like mindless entertainment.

Cake Wrecks is a true gem in the "LOL website" category, far outshining anything a cat could do.  Some highlights include the Falker Satherhood Cake and video, The Fireman Cake and story which I still can't read without laughing 'til I cry, the literal cake and for my Kentucky people, this one needs no explanation. 

Consumerist.Com seems to be the wild little brother of Consumer Reports (they are actually related) and as such, has much funnier much more relevant information to my life.  There's a lot of tongue-in-cheek stories about "fast food drive through shouldn't serve shards of glass" or whatever.  Once you get used to those stories, you'll find the more useful ones that actual explain things like sub-prime lending, the mortgage crisis, or why the whole T-Mobile/AT&T thing failed but why T-Mobile's latest dating game just might work out.

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