Vacation Thursday - Drive from Cortez to Estes Park

I woke up Thursday morning and went for a run since I was convinced I'd be sitting still the rest of the day.  I'd planned a 3.1 miler but at the turn around point, I found a path along the river so I extended the run to about 5 miles.  Nice. 

The rest of the day was driving for Qat Lady who felt better about the mountains in some places and worse about them in others.  I highly recommend the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway and would've done much better driving on it than the scenic drive I wound up with the next day.  The hairpin turns nearly did Qat Lady in (I don't understand because I drive a stick shift so I was completely unhelpful) but we made it to Rocky Mountains in one piece and ended the day with our feet up enjoying the view.


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